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Master Color maintains a state-of-the art pre-press department using the latest software available. In addition, we offer the convenience of using Adobe PDF JobReady. The PDF JobReady tool prevents problems such as missing fonts, links and format errors that can occur with crossing computer platforms, programs and typical file transfers. The JobReady pdf tool preserves your file exactly as it was created, so it comes to us ready for speedy production!

Simply download the feature from our web site by clicking on the “Download PDF JobReady” box. After launching the .exe file and installing the software, a printer option will be created in the print menu of all your programs. When you are ready to send Master Color a file, open it, select “Print” from the File menu, go to the drop down window under printer name, and select “send to” Click “OK” and PDF JobReady will process your file, creating and launching a pdf in the Master Color JobReady window. Review it carefully, then click “Accept” to submit your file. (You may also save it to your computer before sending it to us). If you need to make further revisions, just click “Cancel” and continue working on your file until JobReady displays it as you require.

Hitting “Accept” will open a dialog box. Fill in the required information and any message or special instructions you have for us. Master Color will receive an email telling us your file is uploaded, and we will take it from there! You are, of course, always welcome to call or email us to discuss your job.

Master Color Printing outputs direct to metal and paper plates
Contract proofs
Full color blue line proofs
Digital retouching and color corrections
Wide format posters

Our Clients & Partners

  • American Pacific Mortgage
  • CoPower, Inc.
  • CalPERS
  • Blue Diamond Growers
  • LISI, Inc.
  • Citra Communications

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